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Trees From Above

About this site

Hi there, I am not too fond of publicity. However, it is nothing that is that easy too stay out of these days. More and more I see points in trying to gather up a variety of thoughts and projects I am involved in and to present them. One of the reasons for doing this is to make contact with others interested in the general field of human-animal-environ matters.


For me Living Matters is about asking questions about situated relations of life-death, human-animal, material-immaterial and time. This in order to re-tye knots with the planet, to raise thoughts together with others.  I would like to strike up partnership on important matters with others to continue work for more sustainable futures.  I see this site as a map that show some of the activites i am entangled with, that I research and that I participate in bringing into the world.

Here I write as the person I am - I do not represent the organisations I am employed by.

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