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A Deep Time Check-in

  • The first event reflects on the human relationship to geological/archaeological/ climatological time scales (Chakrabarty 2017). It will deal with the stretching, bending, and unfolding of time in relation to particular natural/cultural environmental events and experiences, or such that come about through encounters with heritage materialities from the past, as well as encounters with garbage futures.


  • The second event deals with inter- and intergenerational ethics as exposed in the case-study and the analytical study of deep time ethics in the environmental humanities and the citizen´s humanities events (Bastian 2016; Fredengren 2016; Fredengren & Åsberg forthcoming). It will jointly explore how these varying ethics may result in different kinds of futures – exploring what may happen in this landscape thinking a handful of generations forward and the same, going back in time.


  • The third event deals with sacrifices and the mourning of loss of life and places along the way, but also celebrates and works around hope and affirmation focusing on the potentialities still in place at wounded landscapes such as Gärstadsverken.

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