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Academic and professional background

My research-fields are within archaeology, heritage studies, curatorship, gender theory and the environmental humanities. In archaeology I have mainly been concerned with exploring relations with waters and wetland. Currently the work deals with deposition of human- and animal remains in wet-contexts in Sweden in the project Tidens Vatten, particularly focusing on the LBA/EIA, discussing sacrifice and the inhumane (cf. Fredengren 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018). Depositions in water of artefacts and bodily remains, as well as the building of crannogs – man made islands or platforms were topics researched during my time as Director of Irelands research institute in Archaeology – that followed on from the fieldwork in the Crannog Research Programme for my PhD thesis on crannog landscapes at Lough Gara, Co. Sligo, Ireland. In heritage studies my research troubles how heritage is valued in the present, and problematize the link to sustainable development (Fredengren 2012, 2015). This strand of research has been furthered in the meeting point between critical heritage studies and posthumanist feminism that blur the boundaries between nature/culture, material/immaterial and challenge the anthropocentric focus in heritage policy (Fredengren 2015). My research continues in the interface between heritage studies and the emerging field of the Environmental Humanities and curatorship (Fredengren 2016). Of particular interest are questions about Deep Time, materiality, ethics, intragenerational justice and care.

Education, workexperience and skills

Christina Fredengren

Education and degrees


2014| Docent i arkeologi, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University


2004| Fil. Dr-examen i arkeologi, Stockholm University

II teach at all levels from BA, to MA and PhD Students. I am particularly proud of our research school on the theme of Environmental Humanities that engaged student from various research environments in north western Europe.

  • Scientific Leader and Member of the Seed Box, an environmental humanities collaboratory at Linköping University


  • Member of AGE group – Archaeology and Gender in Europe 


  • Participates in COST Action on New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on 'How Matter Comes to Matter' 


Head of Research at National Historical Museums 2018-2021

Senior Strategic Advisor at the National Heritage Board 2008-2018

As head of research i have produced the research strategy for the National Historical Museums (that in fact are 6 different museums). I have also had the pleasure to lead the research unit of inhouse researchers. The job has also included responsibilty for budget, 3 year plans and contact with research finance organzations.

Senior Strategic advisor to the Secretary General of Heritage

Executive Board and Governing Board of JPI Cultural Heritage and Global Change

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