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Cabinet of Deep Time Interventions

When the project Checking-in with Deep Time tour around with our lecture on intragenerational justice and care we gather an inventory of Deep Time interventions. Deep Time interventions could be described as actions and processed with effects that stretch across generational bounds. Its about how actions here and now territorialise the future and how the now is facilitated by actions in the past.


This is a living mapping that can be added to as we go along and that deals with how we can start Checking-in with Deep Time. The input has come from both students, friends and the general public and has given rise to a rather eclectic inventory. The idea is to draw attention to various phenomena that conditions life for several generations to come to raise awareness on the inter-pleatings between what can be seen as various temporal slots. What happen when we let this inventory meet with writings of for example Van der Tuin (2014) - that urges us as "post-postmodernists" to avoid "spatio-temporal fixation" and "linearity" in order to.... what?  Questions that arise when doing this is what type of features occur in this mapping, how do they relate to or break out of commonplace temporal categories and how could our deep time temporal encounters alter how we relate to the environmental challenges of today?














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