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The Ancestral Walkshop

Climate Crisis and Environmental problems demands

Becoming Better Ancestors

One step Is to acknowledge the

several ancestors in this place

Human, More-than-human, Living, Dead, Becoming

definately enmeshed in futures to come

If one were to make an indigenous land acknowledgement it would be a very mottled one as there are several ancestralities haunting this place, projecting out to unstable futures. There have been several nameless tribes conjuring up these lands, there are rocks, sedimentations and growth that make up the now future.

One can argue that those people in the graves contributes to the ancestralities of this place, together with their animals, tools and ways of living on these lands. We acknowledge them. This place is also composed of materials from several extractive places and processes across the globe. We acknowledge also these and the impact they have had and will have on human and more-than-humans.

Furthermore, we also need to acknowledge and greet ourselves as ancestors to be - to see our struggle, our existential doubts, challenges and our lifepowers that are entangling in both benevolent and malevolent ways in shaping more and less livable futures.


If time is relational arrangement of coordination and choreograpy,  places like Gärstad stretch out for various connections, but also ties situated webs of past, present and futures.


Counter clocks are devices that helps us pay attention to issues of power, equality and ethics that arise in the coordination in the more-than-human world.

It is about setting priorities right - and for highlighting what need our care most in these wicked times. To head ancestralities and spectralities in the making in an expanded place.

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