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The Ancestral Walkshop

Becoming Better Ancestors

there are several ancestors in this place

Human, More-than-human, Living, Dead, Becoming

definately enmeshed in futures to come


The human- centered discourses of sustainability are inseparable from those of climate  change movements.  Climate  change
documents from organizations like the United Nations, global  feminist nongovernmental
organizations, and even Bill McKibben’s Web site are strangely devoid of nonhuman
creatures." Alaimo, S. 2012. Sustainable this, Sustainable That.


Our public morality is simply not up to the challenge of the scale and the complexity of damages engendered by our technological
advances. This gives rise to a double ethical urgency: firstly, how to turn anxiety and the tendency to mourn the loss of the natural order into effective social and political
action, and secondly, how to ground such an action in the responsibility for future generation, in the spirit of social sustainability that I have also explored elsewhere (Braidotti 2013, 113, see also Braidotti 2006, 137).

The process of confronting the thinkability of a Life that may not have ‘me’ or any ‘human’ at the centre is actually a sobering and instructive process. I see this post-anthropocentric shift as the necessary start for an ethics of sustainability that aims at re-directing the focus towards the posthuman positivity of zoe. At the heart of my research project lies an ethics that respects vulnerability while actively constructing social horizons of hope. (Braidotti 2013, 122-3)

​The plant is spreading out over an area rich in archaeological remains. At the small rise just in front of the yellow plant several formations of stone were located & excavation revealed several graves from the centeniaries around the year 0. These were found together with artefacts such as 5 celtic torques. Many of these, such as have been conserved to stop their decay, really, to slow down time and at the same time projects their working into futures, with expected museums.


Sustainability does assume faith in a future, and also a sense of responsibility for ‘passing on’ to future generations a world that is liveable and worth living in. A
present that endures is a sustainable model of the future. Braidotti (2013, 138)

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